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How To Prepare For Carpet Installation

Posted on: June 22nd, 2011 by eyedealinteriors 1 Comment
    The following is a list of items you should be aware of prior to the start of the carpet installation. It is important that you, the occupant be aware that many factors play a roll in the success of your installation process.
    FURNITURE MOVING: Disconnect and move any electronic equipment, e.g. Computers, phones, etc. . . Clear desktops and tables, empty or remove all drawers from desks, cabinets and such. Empty all bookcases and storage cabinets. Remove all valuables and breakables to a secure location. Eyedeal WILL NOT MOVE, safes, aquariums, marble or slate furniture. We do not take apart partitions, desks, or any other furniture to move it. Should you have items that need to be taken apart, you should arrange to have this done PRIOR to our installers arriving. Installers are not required to arrange items to an exact location.

    WIRING: Any wiring needs to be moved out of the way. Installers use care but are not responsible for damage to sensors or wiring during the installation.

    CONCEALED DAMAGE: Concealed damage to the sub floor may exist and may/could not be detected at the time of the initial measurelnent. If additional labor and or material is necessary to complete the work correctly, it wili be discussed with the customer before any additional work is performed.

    PAINT AND WALL REPAIRS: Normal installation may cause scuffing of walls and or baseboards. We are NOT responsible for any touch up painting of any kind.

    DUST AND DIRT: The construction environment can get dusty. Installers are not responsible for cleaning the surface areas of dust.

    SEAMS: Location of seams are determined by the installer. Seams are not invisible and the customer should not expect such. SEAMS MAY BE VISIBLE.

    DOOR CUTTNG: Customers responsibility.

    BATHROOM FACILITIES: State law requires a bathroom facility be made available to an employee doing work on location.

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