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  • Window Treatment Features

    Window Treatment is suitable for the entire house Great for both casual and formal rooms Choose from over one hundred colors Reduces noise levels in your home

    Window Treatment Details

    Window Treatment is a cut pile treatment that could not be more versatile or more pleasing to the eye. The slight shimmer of a treatments complements a room designed for casual living and also steps up to the higher expectations of a room set for more formal gatherings.

    No matter what the room occasion, a textured vinyl makes any space a comfortable, warm and welcoming place for all. What color do you have in mind? Something neutral or something bright? Chances are we have it in stock since our in-demand textured vinyl are available in hundreds of colors.

    Window Treatment Pricing

    Every installation is different - during the in-home appointment, Eyedeal Interiors will take into account all costs and measurements to provide an accurate "fully installed" price, with no extras.


  • Installation Information

    The following is a list of items consumers should be aware of prior to the start of installation of window coverings. It is important that you, as the consumer, occupant, or designer be aware that many factors play a roll in the success of your installation process. We have tried to list the most common concerns below.

    Concealed damage to the wall may exist and may/could not be detected at the time of the initial measurement.

    Normal installation may cause scuffing of walls. Wall damage repairs required because of the removal of existing hardware is the customers responsibility. WE DO NOT DO PAINTING OF ANY KIND.

    Installer must have access to window area and it is not his responsibility to move heavy furniture or fixtures to get to the window.

    The construction environment can/will get dusty. Installers are not responsible for cleaning the construction site surface areas of dust, they are responsible for sweeping.

    State law requires a bathroom facility be made available to an employee doing work on location.


  • - Hunter Douglas

    As the industry's largest manufacturer of custom-made window treatments, Hunter Douglas window fashions are designed and assembled in the U.S.

  • - Graber

    For 70 years, Graber and Springs Window Fashions have been providing beautiful, top-quality window treatments to help unlock your inner designer.

  • - Custom Shutters

    Custom Shutters Inc: discount plantation shutters manufacturer pricing. Top quality custom interior wood shutters and faux shutters since 1979.

  • - Sundance Windows

    America’s #1 window replacement website.

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